Not all will love you.
There will always be someone who will hate you.
For no reason or without even knowing you.
Thus is life.
SMILE and move on.

© Hijabi-Online


17 thoughts on “SMILE AND MOVE ON!

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  1. When people are like that and you can never figure out why perhaps you don’t gel. Wish them well and move on. We meet people for a reason. They teach us the lessons in life we need to learn. It can be difficult, but time will help and you will eventually see the truth. 🙂

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  2. Hate is often born from fear. Fear and hate run rampant in this country. A country I was once proud to call home. That was a lifetime ago. I no longer take pride in calling myself an American. She has become “The land of the enslaved and the home of the cowardly”. How tragic that our children are taught from a very young age not to question authority nor should they seek knowledge beyond that which their family pounds into those little brains. As young adults can they not see how enslaved they have become? Enslaved to a broken and perverted value system, one in which their children will also become a victim of.
    It takes and insane amount of craziness or an immense amount of bravery to challenge those age old beliefs passed down from generation to generation. I am one the fortunate ones. Because my mom was both crazy and brave, I came through it as will my child. The chains and weights used to weigh her spirit down were to heat a burden to carry. The final link in that rusty old chained crumbled the day she heard her Mother proclaim ” I can never look my daughter in the face again” rapidly turning away from my mom. “She has bee with a black man”. What? It had only been a few short hours since she had been raped at gunpoint by that man. My mom could only see that it was a ” bad ” man that hurt her, not a “black” man. My mother vowed her children would not grow up with cumbersome weights and chains adorning our necks. We did not. We choose to invite someone into our lives based on character, not color. I am blessed.

    I would not dream of insulting you by way of trying to convince you that I know how you feel. I couldn’t possibly. I have never stepped into your shoes let alone walked in them. What I will tell you is how it saddens me every time I hear this story. The names and places of the story change each time it’s told but the outcome is always the same.

    I am deeply sorry you have had to endure such injustices at the hands of ignorant people. I pray I will see a dramatic change before I take my last breath.

    You will be in my heart. Please forgive the lengthy post!

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