I’m a Muslim but I am not….

Judgemental, I’m not narrow minded nor am I uneducated. I am a human, just like you.

HUMANITY! What is the meaning HUMANITY? My brother asked.
I was puzzled at first by his question. I didn’t know whether he was being serious or sarcastic. He looked upset, so I asked him what was wrong; I saw a homeless family  and there was a little girl among them who was shivering from the cold; she was just laying there, on the ground while people walked over her like she didn’t exist. “Please tell me you did something to help them” I asked. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. I need your help to help them, will you help me, he asked. Of course I’ll help you what do you need me to do. Call all the local homeless shelter and ask if they have any space available. After a long two hours and a number of phone calls we found a shelter that had an available space. We went over to the people with hot drinks and food and told them how we have arranged a place for them to stay and told them that someone from the shelter was on their way to take them to the new home.

They all were in tears it was both tears of sorrow and happiness. The mother held me in tight hug. Saying God bless you my child, God bless you.  She went on to telling us that she lost all her hope and faith in God and humanity. She thanked us for everything; she thanked us for resorting her faith in humanity, she thanked us for our kindness saying she doesn’t know how she can ever repay us. After talking  for about 20 minutes she said “ Can I ask you a question love” Sure you can I said wondering what she wanted to asked “ Why would you want to help us,  we are not Muslims. Don’t Muslims hate Christians? I smiled at her and said, “ma’am why would you think that Muslim’s hate Christians we don’t hate anyone or any religion.” She replied, “On the news, they are always saying Muslims are bad and that you Muslims hate us, but you guys are nothing like that, out of all the people who saw us and walked passed you guys were the only ones that helped us. Hundreds of people have walked passed us, but not a single one of them looked twice at us. She suddenly fell on her knees crying, saying “I’m SORRY, I’m SORRY for thinking all Muslims were bad, I’m SORRY for being so narrow-minded, I’m SORRY for judging you without knowing you, I’m SORRY for everything”. She got up and hugged me again saying, “I wish the media would show us all the kind-hearted Muslims like yourselves. I know a lot of people are frustrated because of recent events, but a small minority of people are to blame. I if there is anything I have learnt today that is, don’t blindly follow what the media says. There are so many good people in this world like you and you and brother. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING MY LOVES. MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH WITH A LONG, HAPPY LIFE?

Reflecting back on today it made me think about, what if I wasn’t a Muslim and never met a Muslim and everything I knew about Islam and Muslims was based on what I saw on TV, how would I feel? It made me realise how it was up to myself to show the world what Islam really is through my good actions.

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33 thoughts on “I’m a Muslim but I am not….

  1. Chelsea says:

    Aww mashallah this is such a sweet story! That’s so true, sometimes I get so frustrated when I hear about ignorant people hating on Muslims but then I try to remind myself that they truly have no idea and the media is to blame. Instead of fighting back or rolling our eyes at them we should try to find ways to show who we really are =).

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  2. Milanka's Fine Food says:

    No matter the religion or ones beliefs it all just boils down to being a good person and decent human being. A lovely post of what humanity is capable of, kindness and helping your fellow man, woman and children. You and your brother are wonderful, caring and compassionate people. 🙂 ❤

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  3. accidentallyinked says:

    I just loved this post! I wish I could give you a big hug right now ya ukhti! 🙂
    This is all we need to learn,to be human.I am so glad of what you have done.
    May ALLAH SWT reward you for all your effort you put in bringing smiles and tears of joy on those sweet peoples faces.Ameen.

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  4. Bushka says:

    There is a well known story in the Christian Bible…told by Jesus Christ. Story is known as the Good Samaritan. Perhaps Christians should turn to their Bible learn the lesson – properly from the Good Samaritan. Hugs! ❤

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  5. Hassan Tareef says:

    This was beautiful!! May Allah reward you for your kindness,humility, and deeds. There are a multitude of moments every single day that make me more and more proud to be Muslim and this is one of many to come today! Keep striving to be better today than you were the day before and keep writing!!! Thank you so much for this story.

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  6. williamleeone says:

    Yes, the truth for me lies in separating the lies we are told to be truths from the truths we know the people possess in their hearts. I ran out of gas just yesterday and coasted into a fueling station. About to purchase a single gallon to get me home and a man paid for ten times what I needed simply because. I hope this makes sense. May you be blessed, and I know that you are, simply because you listened and acted !

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  7. desertchameleonblog says:

    Beautiful story. Reminds me when I was a child and young adult I always wanted to stop and help homeless people. You know in a small way I could – give them my lunch, some change etc. Then the people around me would always scold me and say things like – they are there for a reason, and they will just use it for drugs (kind of don’t blame them if they do ever tried sleeping on the road in London) anyway. SO gradually I stopped, the society taught me to harden my heart. When I first became a Muslim I started doing those things again because it gave me my humanity back. Now I am living a small life with small opportunities for this, but these kinds of stories give me my hope back to. To hear you helped them and the impact the help had is truly wonderful. Bless you, Ameen.

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  8. anyfidelity says:

    This is a poignant story, and your afterthought is important for everyone of all backgrounds to reflect on. Mass media and entertainment can be dangerous, indeed; we need to act and make decisions as purely as possible–hopefully, with age we develop wisdom conducive to harmony and peace, in both our immediate worlds and the one at large. Thank you.

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  9. Rajagopal says:

    Thanks Hijab, for linking me to your world. Islam is a religion of peace and jihad signifies the continuous war against the evil tendencies within; so we must all be jihadis in the right sense of coming out victoriously by destroying the negative tendencies within and becoming better human beings in the true spirit of oneness… Khud a hafiz.

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  10. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    This is great! Powerful message.
    Sidepoint: Are you from the UK? Cos if you are you should phone Streetlink when you see someone sleeping rough- the number is 0300 500 0914. They will put the homeless person in touch with their local authority and find them somewhere to stay. Hope that helps 🙂

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  11. Respectable Married Woman says:

    Love is god and thank you for reminding us this, though, all religions preach love, very few followers actually follow this. Let us not look at one another through the lens of nationality, religion, race, caste, ethnicity, colour or class. Let us learn to look at them through the eyes of compassion, forgiveness and love. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by.


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