Over the last couple of days, I have come across a beautiful soul, I have no relation to her what so ever , but I have become extremely fond of her. She is the wife of a man who is in critical condition and things aren’t looking good for him. It has been weeks since she last went home. As the days goes by the more weaker and tried she looks, but she still refuses to leave his side. I see the nurses and doctors fight with her every night saying “ma’am please go home we will look after your husband”. And her reply is always the same “NO I am staying here with him, I am not leaving his side”. When I spoke to her she told me of all the hardship and struggles her husband and her faced and how they both overcame them together. She told me about how whenever they got into argument he would always be the first to apologise even if it wasn’t his fault and he was in the right. She told me how he would he would never let a day go by without him hugging her and saying how much he loved her. “We had our puts and downs we fought like any other couples in fact there was a time when we even came close to a divorce, but he never gave up, he always said I will never give up on you till death do us part”. We have 5 children together 4 boys 1 girl and we have total of 11 grandchildren the 12th one is on the way. Today my husband the love of my life the father of my children the grandfather of my grandchildren lies here and I swear I will not move from by his side, I will watch him take his last breath and I will make sure I know his last breath was worth it. Like he said till death do us apart , so until death comes I’m not moving from here.

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  1. As salaamu alaikum uhkti! What a BEAUTIFUL story about love and commitment. I pray Allah will reward the both of them for their good deeds and intentions. And I pray Allah will reward you for sharing and for your good as well. Ameen.

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