Hi my Lovelies, I hope you all are doing well and having wonderful weekend.

My weekend isn’t going so great. My feet are aching and my head is pounding shopping is killing me, slowly, but surely. I say “IS” because as I write this I am sitting on the floor of a changing room, whilst I watch my cousins try on what seems like the 1000th dress on. I hate shopping! YES you have read that right. I am a girl and I hate shopping. In a world of shopaholics, there are a rare few of us who do exist. (SOMEONE SAVE ME! **cries out for help**)

This week has been stressful not because I had an overload of work or deadlines to meet or I exams to sit, but because I knew I would have to spend the weekend shopping (just thinking about made me stress). In-fact I will be spending the next 6 weekends shopping (yes the next 6 week) why you ask. My cousin is getting married in less than 2 months and there is so much to do and lot of it consists of shopping. As a maid of honour and a good cousin it is my duty to go along with it all even though there is nothing more I hate.

Without further ado, I present to you my reasons for why I hate shopping .

  • Shopping centres are WAY too big. A lot of walking and lifting is required you basically don’t have to work-out for the rest if the week. It takes forever to get from one end to the other and the shopping bags tend to be heavy a good bicep workout if you ask me. (A tip for if you want to save money on a gym membership, but still want to get the same workout. Go shopping trust me it’s a hell of a workout, but don’t buy anything because that than defeats the purpose of saving money).

  • It is always busy and overcrowded making it impossible to find a parking space. It took us 25 minutes to find parking space and that to was a million miles away from where the shops were.

  • Normally I love talking to strangers. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I’m really friendly and have no problem talking to people, but when it comes to shopping I am completely the opposite I find myself trying to avoid human contact, as much as possible I just want to go in grab what I need and be out of there fast as humanly possible.

  • “It will ONLY take a couple of hours, we will be done before you know it” I was told. **8 HOURS LATER** I am sitting on the floor of changing room eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, talking to a shop assistant about the “Friends” reunion, whilst my cousins tried on dresses. It was probably the 100th one they tried on today. Shopping is very time consuming and a waste of time. You can buy the same stuff online from the comfort of your own home. ( I mean, what is not to love about that).

  • I hate trying clothes on, the trying on process takes a lot of time and not forgetting how boring it is. My friends seem love it I’ve lost count on how many dresses they have try on. (Does anyone else have fear that someone is secretly watching you on a security camera in the fitting room or is it just me, probably is just me).

  • Annoying shop assistants. No offence to any Shop assistants out there. I know you guys are just doing your job, but you don’t have to ask me every 5 seconds, if there is thing you can help me with or if I am interested this new product or that new product.

I can probably go on for a little longer, but I think you guys get the point I really, really, really hate Shopping. However I don’t mind grocery shopping, probably because food is involved. I LOVE FOOD. I’m a fatty, what can I say.

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  1. Finally I meet someone who feels just like me! All your fears about cameras and inability to go for trials, the hatred of walking, every word, is just like me! But we can do nothing, just need to be with them, for their joys, so better Enjoy!

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    1. I’m gald I’m not the only one that feels like this I don’t mind online shopping from the comfort of my own home. Why do I need to go out and buy stuff when with just one click I can have it delivered to my house. ☺

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  2. I hate it with a passion. In fact I hate it so much I would have turned down maid of honour position in exhange for regular guest 😂 you are a better friend than I 😉

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one when I tell people I hate shopping they just stare at me and think I’m crazy.

      I would have turned it down, but emotional blackmail and a basket full of chocolates was used to bribe me. I Couldn’t say not to chocolates. 😅😂

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        1. I’m having second thoughts after today I can’t do this for the next 6 weeks I might just lose my sanity. I wish I said No. We were in a shop for for 3 hours they pretty much tried on all the dress there, but didn’t buy anything. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do. 😡😢

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          1. Hahaha! Oh dear! Aww, I can imagine that it must be hard when a wedding is involved, yano. You’re a good friend like I said 😉 whereas I, am the world’s meanest git 😂

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            1. Trust I’m not I’m the worse friend ever. The bride to be was having a mental breakdown over shoes, while I just sat there laughing. It was hilarious. I’m the most unsentimental person in the world. She was in tears and I just laughed at her.

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              1. Lool oh dear, aw poor thing. This is what society does man… pushes you into having a mental breakdown coz of wedding decosions. I hope she finds everything she needs 😊 in other news, if I ever get married Ima enforce a certain dresscode; jeanz 👖 but I know the conformists will all still turn up in 👗 😑

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                1. If we’re having mental breakdown over shoes I can’t wait see what happens when we go dress shopping. Lord please give me the patient and strength to deal with it all. 😅
                  If I ever get married everyone is welcome to just come in pj we can just have a slumber party. 😂

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  3. Thank you! It feels so incredibly good to read that. I LOVE hijab fashion but my shopping trips are always over in less than two hours…I don’t understand “browsing”.

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  4. Hahahahahahah. This is hilarious. I would be lying if I said that I hate shopping. Also, once someone told me that they go for a walk in a mall (I live in Qatar and it’s like 50’C ten months of the time), I tried doing that but came home with four bags full of stuff I didn’t even need. 😛

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  5. This post was funny but pretty accurate too! I love the way you write! Easy to read, but yoy show passion on it! I will come back and read more inshsllalh! I do have a blog too. Ive just started and it would be good to get some feed back 🙂 If you have some time, tell me what I’m doing wrong! Jazakallah and keep doing!

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  6. Wedding shopping is so stressful! I totally sympathise. One of my best friends from school got married last year and the shopping was the worst. They care so much about every detail while you just… don’t! Haha. It is an annoying time. I did the same as you. I got my whole outfit online.

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    1. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stressed about anything. She pays attention to the smallest of details like what shade of purple the centre piece and table cloth should be. I didn’t even know so many shades of purple existed.
      Thankfully I have convicted her to purchase the bridesmaids dresses from online.


      1. Haha! I know. Weddings seem to produce super human attention to detail in people. I’m glad you managed to make the bridesmaids bit less stressful. Don’t worry, once the wedding is actually under way it’ll be a lot of fun 🙂

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  7. Me too. Wait until you are shopping with your teenage daughter. You’ll want to step out in front of a bus rather than shopping with a teen. UGH!

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  8. Hehehehe that was funny what I read. I love shopping to escape from home but you are right when it comes to the boredom in trying dresses I hate that very much. Like you, I hate human contact while shopping. I get angry easily because all the places are overcrowded. I do share the same view when you said shopping online is the best alternative.

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  9. Ha ha lovely to read your post! I hate shopping too for all the above reasons and a few more. I don’t like the waste that consumerism produces, just more land-fill somewhere when people throw away the things that are no longer wanted. And I don’t have a huge need for clothes 🙂

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  10. I Do not like Shopping Either, But I think if my Wife Likes it I can at least be good enough to go with her and give her my opinion.

    Of course I hate going shopping with my mother or sister because they don’t have any concern for my opinion LOL and they just take a lot of time too.

    Lastly it would be lovely if my Wife did not like Shopping much only to a normal scale – then i’d be okay 🙂

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  11. OhMyGod! Finally, someone who doesn’t like shopping either.
    And I agree with you on all the reasons, especially the last one. I hate these annoying shop assistants. They’re like following me everywhere in the shop.

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  12. your post reminded me of my wedding shopping, I started shopping as soon as I got engaged(six months before the wedding) and I was still running around for stuff, a week before the big day. Why do weddings have to be so fussy and elaborate. Man, was I stressed out? wedding shopping is the worst thing ever.

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