A person’s tongue can give you a taste of their heart.
Words are powerful.
Remember what you say is impossible to retrieve.
Hurtful speech can wound a heart, which maybe impossible to heal.
Once they are said, they can only be forgiven not forgotten.
Say what you feel, but think twice before you speak.
Don’t say something you will regret later.
It is better to keep silent in a moment of anger as it will save you a thousand moments of regret.
Be careful with your words.
Words are powerful.
Sometimes it’s better not to react.

© Hijabi-Online



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  1. Hi Hijabi Online.
    I agree with you. You can’t “unring the bell” and take back words as my husband likes to say.
    I know Doru and Teacup Talk.
    You have quite an engaged community; congratulations!


  2. 1400 years ago RasoolAllah SAW abolished all distinctions of Colour, race, language and gave the world just ONE basis of brotherhood: Kalimah e Shahadah.

    Its a shame for this Ummah that we are made to be a part of drama of one country against another.

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  3. What I say sometimes may be insulting, even downright offensive … but I write from the heart and always consider carefully what I put down.
    I try very hard never to offend by accident.

    What you have posted above is so very very true.

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  4. agreed… people just say what they feel like but don’t think twice about it. Don’t reflect on it and even when the other says it hurt them they just keep going. well world is a weird yet wonderful place >.<

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