I’m Sorry Sir!

His eyes were sore. Red and puffy, like he has not slept for days. His hands shook while he typed, his glasses kept slipping down his nose. It was obvious he was nervous.

“THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT WITH ME DEAR”. He said looking up at me with a nervous smile.
I couldn’t help but think THANK YOU Sir for being patient with ME and every one of my generation I know we can be difficult at times.
Thank You Sir for being patient with those of us who don’t respect you for the sheer fact that you are older and wiser, or those of us who treat you poorly because of your old age.
I’M SORRY SIR for those who treat you like a chore or for those who are eyeing your job and praying for your retirement.

You Sir are great at what you do and my generation will always be patient and grateful for everything you have done and will continue to do.
Please be patient with us if we forget your worth.

Today I came across the sweetest elderly man at the bank. After speaking to him I realized how disrespectful my generation can be towards elderly people and how poorly we treat them. We seem to see them as a burden, a form of chore. Yet we forget the same people brought us up and took care of us when we were young.

Always treat elders with respect because we don’t know what they’ve had to endure to get to where they are. And we to will get old some day.

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19 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Sir!

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  1. Bueatiful message… respectinng our elders.
    Today the respect is fone, forget eldery even respect to parents, ulamaa,and assatidhaas is gone…
    May Allah guide us all♥

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  2. Yes that’s so true. And we have to remember that we will also get old and we need to think about how we would want people to treat us and care for us. May Allah make us amongst the best of people with the best manners and character. Ameen!

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