My Blog is a YEAR OLD!

Hi my lovelies. How are you all.

I know a lot of you have waited a while for me to upload a new post and I apologise, I have been super busy lately. I know you all are thinking ‘she’s probably just making excuses’ let me tell you for the past month my Hijab game has been weak and my panda eye game has been strong (My uncle and my best friend got married around the same time, so you can only imagine the stress. Weddings are stressful, hence why I have come to the conclusion never to get married EVER). I’m not kidding the dark circles under my eyes are not worth it. I looked like a panda and NOT even in a cute way. Anyway I’m sure you haven’t come here to hear me rant, so on that note I shall get right on to the actual post.

As evident from the title, IT’S THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG! In fact, true to form, I’ve managed to display my disorganisation once again the big day was three weeks ago, but I’ve only managed to channel my excitement into words today. Yes, I forgot my little baby’s first birthday can you tell I’ll be a fabulous mother *sarcasm*. It’s a bit embarrassing, really. But here I am, three-weeks late, to celebrate belatedly. It’s better late than never I say.

To think I made it through a whole year of blogging is crazy but also awesome at the same time. It has been a whole year of my rambling posts and nonsense rants. As well a year of discovering amazing blogs, meeting fabulous people and finding a truly supportive community that are incredible. Yes it’s a little mushy, but it’s true. I can’t really express just how glad I am that I decided to go ahead a start this blog if I hadn’t taken this step, I wouldn’t have realised just how fun blogging really is, and how lovely those who inhabit it are.

It is slightly unbelievable and overwhelming to think there are 896 people following this blog. This is a huge milestone for me and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for your consent encouragement and support. It still amazes me that you guys read and follow my blog considering I am the worlds laziest blogger.

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43 thoughts on “My Blog is a YEAR OLD!

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  1. Salam Ameleikum,

    Congratulations for daring to speak out on the net on a better platform than the closed Facebook may people seem to prefer these days. Naturally by choosing this sort of publication you shall be getting more people visiting your site from all directions. Nice you managed also to get 896 people following your blog. Hopefully you may stay for a long time a child at heart and would continue to search the matters of life continuously. We wish you many more followers and many years to go.

    Good luck

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