Are we forgetting how to be human.
I look around and all I see is the lack of compassion we have for one another.
The reality is that this world is full of haters.
But don’t let them hold you back.
Their mindset is trapped in jealousy and comparison.
Ignore them.
When someone tries to offend you, remember you can’t control what they do.
But you can control your response.
Save yourself and don’t react.
No matter how hard you try not to be judged,
You can’t control the actions of others.
But you can choose to live your life with integrity!
Don’t keep looking for flaws in others, that’s all you’ll see.
You won’t see their beauty.
Start focusing on what’s good in people!
You don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.
Stop believing that your differences  make you superior or inferior to one another.
Surely we can do better as humans.

© Hijabi-Online


12 thoughts on “WE ARE FAILING AS HUMANS!

  1. Suma Fiore says:

    Do you know what’s more sad than the fact that prejudiced people exist? It’s the fact they take away from the still very pure and unbiased people we have in the world. The bad stuff just garners more attention, and then influences people with still developing opinions. But people forget that this world really does have a huge amount of fully just, kind, and loving people who are too intelligent to flock for attention because these people are out there just living their lives, happy with their families, and partaking in their professions. Good gets less media coverage, but it exists. Can’t lose hope!

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